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LCB mixed abrasive
With the global development of the industrialization, manufacturing industry is more and more high requirements on quality and cost, in the field of surface treatment, shot blasting process and lower people more suitable for blasting costs continue to explore, blasting media more cost-effective selection is key to meeting this requirement.
"Daya LCB mixed abrasive mixed abrasive" is through our efforts to develop high performance products for many years, is a product of the combination of steelmaking process advanced Division I and a number of proprietary technologies and perfect, can be applied to all of the shot blasting, sand blasting field, its excellent performance for the user to save more than 50% of the shot blasting cost, is shot medium ideal.
Product features
Heat treatment process unique smelting, determines the product has the following characteristics:
High strength, high toughness, high life
Low broken, low dust, low pollution
Low wear of equipment, accessories and long life
Reduce the dust removal system load, prolong the life of dust removal equipment.
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