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Company has one specialized to be engaged in the anticorrosion, the ships painting, the industry painting team, since the creation all along by high-grade highly effective, the prestige outstanding, the attitude has stood up to the most rigorous test bases on the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces Shanghai and so on the large and middle scale ships manufacture profession, many times participates in ships anticorrosion constructions and so on the military goods, chemical, bulk carrier, becomes our country to paint in the profession a new crack force.
The company undertakes construction the painting production line, has succeeded at present applies in each different product surface treatment, the content involves the work piece to spurt throws pill processing, the bonderizing, the electrophoresis, the painting, the dusting and so on each craft.Continues successively many ships painting work, according to the plan, the ultra plan completes the production target which the factory issues, receives the customer the consistent high praise.



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