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In application domain which uses, we initiate the customer to select the high performance-to-price ratio the grinding compound, the high performance-to-price ratio grinding compound most important key is high grade.
Fine steel pill emery standard: Can the more kinetic energy role in the work piece surface, effective play the cleaning up and the strengthened function, has the enough long fatigue life, reduces the use the consumption.
Chemical composition:The chemical composition is the steel pill, an emery most foundation target, it will decide the steel pill, the emery Microstructure as well as the following heat treatment effect. The carbon (C) the content should be moderate. The silicon (Si) the manganese (Mn) may enhance the steel pill the intensity, degree of hardness, must as far as possible high somewhat (take not be lower than 0.8% best as). The sulfur (S) the phosphorus (P) is the harmful element, Yi Shigang the pill has brittleness, causes the premature breakage, should as far as possible low (take ﹤0.03% as best).
Degree of hardness: If the steel pill or the emery are too soft, will cause the cleaning up speed to reduce speed, cuts the working efficiency. When rotoblast strengthening, the too soft steel pill cannot have the suitable residual stress, the low degree of hardness pill’s action impossible through to increase the hit time to compensate. Degree of hardness is excessively high, will have not the ideal superficial appearance, will increase projectile’s stave probability, will cause the consumption to be excessively high, and will be big to equipment’s attrition, will increase the maintenance of equipment expense, therefore the suitable degree of hardness will be very also essential.
Microstructure:Steel pill (granulated substance) the Microstructure structure must be possible to resist distorts, when function in working surface, reduces the energy loss fluctuation fatigue life. The tempered martensite is most bears wearily, moreover, in the Microstructure microstructure must reduce the brittle carbide, will otherwise create the steel pill (granulated substance) the premature breakage, will increase the amount of use. Physical flaw:The steel pill (granulated substance) must as far as possible little contain will create the physical flaw which the grinding compound bursts. Because uses technique of production’s reason, the steel pill (granulated substance) the general meeting has certain such physical flaw. In the production must have the corresponding working procedure to carry on the control, reduces the flaw pellet proportion.Fatigue life:The fatigue life is the steel pill (granulated substance) affects in the active face when resists the stave ability. Will have the longest fatigue life grinding compound to become the most economical grinding compound, if it may the suitable conversion of energy to the cleaning up.
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