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As one of the five largest suppliers of metal abrasives in the world and a joint venture, Zibo TAA Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by Shandong Zhoucun Steel Grit Factory (founded in 1974) and Japanese TAA in 1997, and reorganized as a share holding company in 2009. For scores of years, the company has been devoted to production and operation of steel shots, steel grits, steel cut wire ,stainless steel shots, etc.; and automation of streamlined production has been realized. In addition, with professional team of scientific R&D and strong technical strength, the company independently developed low carbon steel shots, Bainite steel shots and special mixed abrasives and other new products, meeting the requirements of high-end customers on effect of surface treatment, working efficiency and low cost. At the same time, the company provides perfect technical support and good services and whole solution for customers.
Advanced production equipments and strict quality management make our products not only conform to American SAE Standard but also meet the requirements of customers in different industries. Our products are widely used in shipbuilding, steel and iron, automobile, container, mechanical manufacturing, aviation, stone material, stone cutting, pipe anti-corrosion, etc., exported to more than 30 countries and regions. What’s more, the annual production and sales amount has been ranked the first in China for five consecutive years.
Many years of development and struggle makes us love the industry more and strengthen our conviction of long term development in the industry. With responsibility and confidence, we will lead the industry toward higher goal by continuously researching and developing new products and expanding new application fields.
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